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You may place an order, but it will not ship until after April 8th, 2024. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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Order Processing

Our store uses a major online credit card processing service with a fantastic track record of protecting your credit card information. We never copy or store your credit card information in any way shape or form. When you place your order, a credit card charge is approved; however, not actually charged and the order is placed in a "Hold" state. We review your order for accuracy and parts availability, making adjustments and/or contacting you with any concerns about your order. Note that we cannot increase the amount to be charged to your credit card. If you need to add something to an order, we have you place a second order and then combine them only charging you the shipping necessary to ship the combined order. After your order is reviewed and any required adjustments made, it is placed into a "Processing" state which then charges your card and releases your order to shipping. Once a shipping label is printed for your order, it is then marked as "Completed".


Our preferred shipping method is USPS Priority Mail. It is generally less expensive and faster than other options. It is also much quicker and easier for us to get your order to our local Post Office than it is to schedule a pickup with other carriers. USPS becomes more expensive when the package gets large and/or heavy, so please do consider UPS Ground when ordering larger items. We do our best to keep our shipping charges as close to retail shipping rates as possible. All orders are reviewed prior to charging your card.

Shipping Insurance

All domestic orders include shipping insurance up to $99 value. For orders valued greater than $100, we will add shipping insurance at a cost of $0.98 per $100 value. 


We are no longer able to ship outside the United States.