New Traverse Ski Stop

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With the 2024 model lineup, Timbersled has introduced a new style wide ski stop (often referred to as the ski rubber). It appears to be backwards compatible with all variations of the Traverse ski first introduced in 2018.

History and Details

The original ski stop was only about 1.56 inches wide and was used from 2018 through 2020. This was combined with the original Spindle Block as shown below.

For the 2021 model year, Timbersled introduced a 2.375 inch wide ski stop backed up by a rigid aluminum extrusion. To take advantage of this wider ski stop, the spindle block was also widened. The ski stop and spindle block are shown below.

The 2024 ski stop is 3.250 inches wide and promises to be a big improvement over the earlier versions. Even if you have a pre-2021 spindle block, the new ski stop will be an improvement. If you have the narrow ski stop now, you will want to remove the metal support clip that you will find under the ski stop. It was also common to shim those early ski stops to improve ski support and add more heel pressure to the ski. Remove anything you find under the old ski stop before installing the new ski stop. The same is true for the 2021-2023 wider ski stop – remove the extruded aluminum support under the old ski stop before installing the new 2024 version.

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