ARO/RIOT Front Chain Slider

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Replacement front chain slider.

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California residents: WARNING


This is the updated2021 front chain slider used on all Timbersled ARO & RIOT kits. This part number supersedes 2636844 and 2637382.

If you are breaking this slider on your ARO or RIOT, follow the chain tension guidelines in your owner’s manual. The most common cause of breakage is running your chain too tight with TSS. The chain is at it’s tightest when the TSS shock tops out. If you have adjusted the chain without ensuring your TSS is fully extended, then the chain will be too tight when your suspension unloads and can break the front chain slider. It also puts excessive strain on your engine’s counter shaft. The other reason for breakage is running the chain too loose and then extreme g-out of the TSS, such as big drops. In this case the chain can pile up between the counter shaft sprocket and the front chain slider, causing the slider to break.