Build Your Own Fuel Can Strap


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Select the RBS & LS to get length needed – read guide below!

Ratchet Buckle Strap (RBS)

Ladder Strap (LS)

5.5" Strap Extension with Screw Rivet

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Rack Strap Hardware


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ARO/RIOT Strap Hardware


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Build your own Fuel Can Strap

A basic fuel can strap has two parts. There is the Ratchet Buckle Strap (RBS) and the Ladder Stap (LS). GageBroz is offering four different lengths of RBS’s and two different lengths of LS’s, which results in 8 possible combinations to give you the best chance of building a strap for your specific setup. We are also offering two different lengths of strap extensions, 3.5” and 5.5”, that give you even more options. For now, we’re just going to focus on the two basic parts, the RBS and the LS.

Step One: Start by choosing your RBS based on where the buckle will be located. We generally want the buckle to be located on top of the jug. It maybe offset left or right to avoid the spout or the handle or to be away from your exhaust. With your jug in its desired location, sitting on top of whatever padding or rails you are using, measure from the center of the hole where you will attach your strap to the furthest point you want the buckle. Choose the RBS that is closest to your measured length without being longer. We have RBS’s in 5”, 7”, 8.8” and 10” grip lengths.

Step Two: Now you want to choose between a 13” or 18” LS. Measure from the center of your first bolt hole over the jug to the second bolt hole. This is your overall required grip length. In the chart below, find the RBS length you determined in Step One and then choose the LS that gives you the desired grip length. Either of these can be cut down to a shorter length.

RBS LS Max Grip Length Used for
5″ (M2-RBS5) 13″ (M2-LS13) 16.0″  
5″ (M2-RBS5) 18″ (M2-LS18) 20.8″  
7″ (M2-RBS7) 13″ (M2-LS13) 18.2″  
7″ (M2-RBS7) 18″ (M2-LS18) 23.0″ Tunnel Rack for LC Jug
8.8″ (M2-RBS9) 13″ (M2-LS13) 19.8″  
8.8″ (M2-RBS9) 18″ (M2-LS18) 24.6″ MH Replacement Strap
10″ (M2-RBS10) 13″ (M2-LS13) 21.0″  
10″ (M2-RBS10) 18″ (M2-LS18) 25.8″ Tunnel Rack for MA Jug

Strap Extensions: If you need a RBS longer than 10” or a LS longer than 18”, you will need to use a strap extension. We offer 3.5” or 5.5” extension kits that include the hardware necessary to attach the extension to either RBS or LS.

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