MH Flex Shaft Elimination Kit



Fits 2016-17 Mountain Horse.

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California residents: WARNING


Aggressive riders have often broke the lower front suspension shaft known as the “Flex Shaft”. The is the shaft that allows you to adjust, using the adjustment collars, how much side to side flex you get out of your skid frame. The idea behind this was to allow your Timbersled to be easier to lean into corners on hard surfaces. While this design was beneficial for handling, it does introduce a weak point in the suspension. When this shaft breaks, it can damage/break your rails as well. If you have broke this shaft, you can simply replace this shaft or you can use this Flex Shaft Elimination kit. This kit works on 2016 and 2017 Mountain Horse kits that have the front flex arm. The kit includes a complete front suspension arm, all bushings and a solid lower suspension shaft. Save over 25% on these parts when you buy the kit versus buying these parts individually.