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You have your bike and you have your kit. You might even have your kit installed on your bike. Now you need to think about the other things you will need for your Snow Bike. Here is the list of items that I recommend to my customers. Some of these accessories are required, while others are just nice to have.

Gas Can
The first thing you will need the ability to carry extra gas. The Mountain Addiction 3.3 gallon utility jug mounts nicely to the tunnel of the mountain horse and is the preferred option (tunnel top is pre-drilled for mounting rails). Kits are available in either black or white.

Cargo Bags
Timbersled makes a couple of nice cargo bags for the Mountain Horse. A Handle Bar Cargo Bag mounts to the forks in place of your front number plate and can be accessed while seated on the bike. The second bag can be mounted on the top of the tubular sub-frame or on the tunnel behind the gas can. In addition, Mountain Addiction makes high quality cargo bags that mount with their rail system. Available in three sizes, you can choose small (combined with a 1.3 gallon utility jug), Low profile or Large.

Dolly Set
You will need some type of dolly set for moving your bike around in the garage and depending on how you haul your snow bike, for loading and unloading. Timbersled makes an All-Terrain Wheel Kit that is designed to ride your snow bike over terrain with no snow. It is made from light-weight aluminum so you can carry it with you on spring rides when you might need it to ride across sections of road with no snow coverage. While expensive, this is a rugged high quality dolly set. A lot of guys make their own using inexpensive wheels from Harbor Freight and steel. Third party venders are also working on lower cost dolly sets which we hope to have available soon.

Hand Guards
The snow bike opens up a lot of riding terrain because of these ease at which you can navigate through the trees; however, trees do pose a hazard to your hands and a good set of hand guards are a must. Our Acerbis hand guards come in a variety of colors and include all mounting hardware.

Oversize Foot Pegs
The tunnel frame tends to push your feet out a bit on the foot pegs and it is nice to have oversized pegs to support your feet. Our Fastway Adventure pegs are perfect for the snow bike as they give increased depth and width as well as improved grip. They can also be installed in the stock position or in a lower position if you prefer.

Bar Risers
A lot of riders like to add bar risers to make standing up on the bike more comfortable. Our Rox Pivoting Risers provide up to 2 inches of rise and infinite adjustability.

Rekluse Clutch
The new Rekluse CoreEXP 3.0 Auto-Clutch reduces stalls and provides smooth consistent engagement of power to the track. It makes loading your bike and riding through tight trees a lot easier. It reduces slippage and heat build-up which improves clutch life. While expensive, the Rekluse clutch is highly recommended.

Radiator Guards
A bike’s radiators are very vulnerable at the front of the bike and they are expensive to replace. A set of radiator guards will help prevent damage from branches and small trees which are a constant threat in some terrain. We offer the Devol brand of aluminum radiator guards.

Heated Grips
Just like on a snowmobile, heated grips can add a lot of comfort when riding. An alternative are heated gloves. We carry A’ME brand heated grips with 6 heat levels and the Fly Racing Igniter heated glove.

Composite Levers
Our Arc composite levers are nearly indestructible and your gloves will not stick to them when it gets really cold.
Extended Shift Lever
While not a necessity, an extended shift gives more room for you snowmobile boots and can make it a little easier to shift. Our Hammerhead shift lever tips come in a variety of colors and up to a 20mm offset.

A lot of bikes do not come with headlights installed. Modern LED lights provide a lot of light without drawing a lot of power. Most EFI bikes generate enough power to run a LED light.

Super-Moto Front Fender
Obviously the front fender is not needed on a snow bike, but they look kind of stupid if you do not have one. The Acerbis Super-Moto Front Fender is a keeps your bike looking like it should, but is much shorter and does not get beat up nearly as bad as the stock size fender.

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