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Timbersled’s 2883575 Snow Bike Jug will not be available this season. Here are your options:

Mountain Addiction Utility Jug

The Mountain Addiction 3.3 gallon utility jug is a good heavy duty jug with a self venting style spout. This is the tried and true jug used since the early days of Timbersled Snow Bike kits. There are several mounting options for the jug. First is the Mountain Addiction Snow Bike Rail & Strap kit. These rails are not like the old dove tail rails where you had to slid the jug on from the side and then pin it in place. The jug will fit straight down on these rails to engage in the channels on the bottom of the jug. The rails are curved up on the ends to cradle the jug and keep the jug from moving. Then the strap that goes from side panel to side panel securely holds the jug down on the rails. When using these rails on ARO or RIOT, we recommend also buying the ARO/RIOT Strap Hardware.

The second option for the Mountain Addiction Jug is this nice aluminum rack made by Vortech Manufacturing in Kalispell, MT. We take their short/narrow Timbersled rack, add two extra cross members to keep the MA jug up off the tunnel and off the rack mounting hardware. Then we add a M2 ladder strap and ratchet buckle strap. Very clean and secure setup.

We also have a Vortech long/narrow Timbersled rack that will accommodate the MA jug and Timbersled Tunnel Bag.

Click on the Mountain Addiction Jug link, then choose your mounting option.

LC Utility Jug

The LC 2.5 gallon utility jug is a nice little jug, but it is not as heavy duty as the jugs in this article. It also has a screw cap vent which is a second point that could leak or you could lose the cap entirely. The spout that is included with this jug will not hold up in the winter, so we include a flex spout that stores inside the jug like the others. This is a compact jug measuring 12″ long x 9″ wide x 9″ tall.

This just will fit in the MA 3.3 short rack, but we are also working with Vortech Mfg to get a rack that is sized for the LC 2.5 jug. We do not have a sample of the LC 2.5 Short Rack yet; however, if you buy the LC 2.5 jug and the LC 2.5 Short Rack, it will look pretty close to the left hand photo with the strap that fits under the handle. On the other hand, if you buy the LC 2.5 jug and the MA 3.3 Short Rack, the longer MA Strap will go over the handle as shown in the right hand photo. The advantage of buying the MA 3.3 Rack is that it gives you the flexibility to use either jug.

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