So you bought a used Timbersled?

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A new Timbersled ARO or RIOT will include an Owner’s Manual, an Engine Chain and the two bolts that mount your TSS or Fixed Strut to the ARO/RIOT. A Mountain Horse kit should include an engine chain and lower strut bolt. A new fit kit will also include instructions. Often when you buy used, some or all of these items are missing. We can help!

The Timbersled site will take care of the documentation. Click here to open a new browser tab to the Timbersled Manuals & Guides page. This will give you access to installation instructions and the Owners Manual for your kit. It is tempting to ignore both, but there is important information about proper torque of fasteners, how to correctly adjust your chains, proper track tension and so on. Do it right and avoid a back country breakdown.

Engine chain:

Strut Bolts:

You may also need new sub-frame bushings:

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